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5 definitions by RustyCannon

Mythical place where down is up, black is white, and reality never intrudes.

The president cut taxes again and we now have the lowest middle class tax rates in 40 years, but Teabaggistan is up in arms about the president raising taxes, confiscating our guns, and readying re-education camps to imprison us!
The president increased the Pentagon's budget again this year, but he's being attacked from Teabaggistan for cutting the Pentagon's budget.
by RustyCannon June 06, 2010
The act of claiming victimhood after contributing to a problem and being called out for your participation.
He disrupted the class and wasted our time and now is claiming palin and expecting sympathy and support from us.
by RustyCannon January 12, 2011
See mercenary.
Private security contractor, ex-military, high level commandos, trained with U.S. taxpayer dollars, who have opted to work for a contracting firm at much larger salaries than regular military and be free of the restraints and regimentation of an actual military organization, while performing work traditionally done by actual military units such as the Navy Seals, etc.
by RustyCannon January 01, 2010
The stuff people put in geocaches. Trinkets that have little to no intrinsic value but are traded out by geocachers when they find a cache. The sport of geocaching often includes finding a cache of geojunk and tradition says that you take an item and leave an item. Those items are, more often than not, geojunk. Typical items are keyrings, wooden nickels, etc.
"Are you ready to go geocaching?" "I'll be right with you as soon as I grab my bag of geojunk".
by RustyCannon June 06, 2010
One who votes based on information gleaned from other low information voters, rumors, viral emails, and FOX "News".
Low Information Voters are skewing the electorate in favor of the corporatocracy because they don't have the curiousity or ability to research facts for themselves. Low Information Voters will vote against labor unions, in spite of the fact that the labor unions are responsible for getting them the 40 hour work week, decent wages, employer provided health insurance, vacations, lunch hours, and breaks, among other things.
by RustyCannon January 08, 2010