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When someone smells extra super ranky and you want to aknowledge it verbally with attitude in a louder tone.
"Damn bro you smell RIZANK!!
by Rusticulis November 04, 2010
A massive erection obtained while taking a boner pill such as Viagara, Cialis, or any other erection enhancer.
I popped a boner pill last night and was throbbed out of control for like 36 hours.
by Rusticulis January 10, 2013
A person who votes both Democrat and Republican depending on the candidate and their views. It's similar to independent the only difference is you use your vote on either a Democrat or Republican specifically.
Are you a Democrat or Republican?

Well I voted for Obama in '08 but Romney in '12. I guess that makes me a Dempublican.
by RusTiculis January 15, 2013
another name for a pipe or piece that you put marijuana into.
I got tree, you got a unit?
by Rusticulis January 10, 2013
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