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A trippy and slightly creepy kid's show about toys. The show begins with an African American male with strange tastes in clothes taking several toys out of a box and placing them in various scenes in a large diorama. The toys come to life, sing, dance, and go on and on about nothing (like most kids shows). These events are commonly interrupted by kids convulsing (dancing) to a color-changing background, bad and obviously out of work bands and other things common to kids shows such as 30 second life lessons. The show is really a representation of what happens when you give children LSD or other psychedelics. It's surprisingly entertaining for viewers of all ages, but is most popular with children of drug addicts and scene teenagers, because it's "cute" and is secretly about LSD.

One of the most famous (and creepiest) songs is a song called "Party in My Tummy" performed by a green monster named "Brobee". It features him eating various foods that also accompany his lines "There's a party in my tummy!" with "SO YUMMY! SO YUMMY!" At one point, he stops eating and some carrots start to cry because they don't get to go to the party in Brobee's tummy (they don't get to be eaten). This little problem is shortly resolved by Brobee eating the carrots and continuing his little song.

6-year-old: I love that show! I always dance to the people on the TV and I sing and I play and I have lots of fun and the guy is so cool and the other people are so cool too!!!

Drug Addict: That show is so trippy. It's my visual of choice when I do acid tabs!
by RunningBear12 February 14, 2011

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