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something really good; synonymous with hot, tasty, wicked, smokin', or proper.
Let's go down to D's Diner, you know they're cookin' up some dangy.
by Runaway Jim June 04, 2005
1: A song by the Les Claypool Frog Brigade
2: The one-stringed instrument invented by Les featured in the song. Played by slapping with a drum stick to create a rediculously funky sound.
Les and the Brigade has rocked the Fillmore every New Year's Eve since 2000, and always play Whamola as the clock strikes midnight. Les is the greasiest bass player on the planet.
by Runaway Jim June 04, 2005
The drunken swerve; when it becomes difficult to stand up and walk straight after drinking all night.
I must have been fucked up last night. I wake up this morning and I'm still doing the Moma Dance!
by Runaway Jim June 05, 2005
A sand-dwelling creature, that according to Ween emulates the ocean sound, speaks of the trinity, and casts a light at the sand with its wandering eye.
There are three things that separate the mollusk from the sand: the waking of all creatures that live on the land, and with just one faint glance back into the sea, the mollusk lingers with its wandering eye.
by Runaway Jim June 05, 2005
Shitty lager, possibly short for Grolschlager. In my opinion it is any kind of piss lager that you have to buy when the chips are down, i.e. Pabst, Hamms, Natty, Keystone, Milwakee's Best, Icehouse, or any other derivitive that sells for about 25 cents a can. The word is used in the famous debauchery anthem by Ween "Booze me up and get me high".

"All that schlager at the bar,
Flakes of gold swim in my brain"
Ween fucking rules, Boognish!!!!!!
After betting all his money on the losing cock at the cockfight, Billy could only afford to drink schlager until the end of the month.
by Runaway Jim June 04, 2005

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