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The stereotypical seven part rite of passage middle-class white girls go through.

1) Attend Private School.
2) Own Pony.
3) Attend University.
4) Date fashionable black man.
5) Spit roasted in Dorchester Hotel.
6) Date wealthy rugby player.
7) Rush him into self-indulgent marriage, thus securing half of his property. Spend next 20 years shopping, reading magazines, and driving large black SUV.
"What happened to that fine dime Cat? Last time I saw that bitch she was lookin fine."

"O she jumpin off, bitch now married to a honkey called Ed, who drives a BMW M6."

"Dat white bitch ain't wastin her time with one of her own?!"

"Yeah dis cracker got a condo in Hampstead. She gon' hit 'em up style - girl's white of passage."

by RunaTrainThruDat August 31, 2008
A black man and a white woman.

Not to be confused with the 'deeply unfashionable couple', i.e: white man and black women or white man and white women.
"Yo you seen LeTyrone's new bitch? She's a marshmallow."

"Oh I heard that's very fashionable this season."
by RunaTrainThruDat August 31, 2008

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