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A person that Snowboards. They differ slightly from Skaters. They tend to be more in touch with the world and the elements. Wear less baggier jeans, more Brand names such as Quicksilver and O'Neil. Boarders also laze about too much,doing what they want,when they want. Apart from these minor details they look identical to Skaters.
Townies will hate them...
Boarders are not unlike Skaters. Wearing and doing generally the same apart from being strapped to a board with no wheels at 3000ft.
by RunOfTheMill April 14, 2004
A person that tends to live in a council house. Often seen in groups of 10-20 for that bit of "Support". Never seen alone. Fails to pronounce 'H' and 'T' properly. Dropped out of school at 13. Kids by 15. The females wear enough self tan to turn orange, gold earrings to appear to be a prop out of Goldfinger. They also have their hair gelled back into a slick,tight bun...
The male versions of this retarded shave their heads. Wear Burberry hats, Addidas Tracksuit bottoms,Nike Hoodies and socks which are neatly arranged as to being over their bottoms. Rockport boots and/or white trainers are also seen. They are an un-intelligent bunch. Often uncapable of stringing together two sensible sentances. The words F*ck and S*it are also used in every word. Hates eye contact and shuns black. Anyone doing and wearing these are often asked "Wha you lookin at? Wanna fight?"
But then goes quiet upon a good reply.
All in all a terrible race of people that seem to be hard. No let me rephrase that, aren't at all hard. A swift hit on the chin and nose quickly deposits these beings in a pile.
Townie1: "Oy! Look...itz wun o those Goffs"
Townie2: "Letz go get 'im"
*Strides over as if holding two carpet rolls under each arm*

Townie1: "You's lookin' a me Mosher?"
Townie2: "Wanna start summat wit us Shoe Crew?"
Goth: "I dont start. I Finish. Oh...and is that crap on your shoulders? Nope. Sorry its your head"
by RunOfTheMill April 15, 2004

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