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originated from danish metalheads- used as an indirect way to show dissapproval of either a show(concert) or just music being played. if the music is horrible or the concert is- you yell out "SPIL NOGET MED SLAYER"(play/put on some slayer
fuck it, this music is horrible- PLAY SOME SLAYER!!
by Rumleskaft July 15, 2010
When a person says a Rickism, he/she uses a figure of speech or an expression, where the essential point and meaning has been understood by the person using it, but the actual expression is said wrong because he/she never bothered to learn the actual expression- only when to use it

it originates from the series "Trailer Park Boys" where the maincharacter RICKY uses alot of these "Rickisms"
A Rickism would be:

"goddamn, it looks like an earthquake blew through here"

"by shopping there, you get two birds stoned at once"

"make like a tree, and fuck off!"
by Rumleskaft August 17, 2011
sacky,flabby dangeling breasts
well sure that chick IS very pretty, but just look a those sad flabjacks! thats a damn shame
by Rumleskaft January 15, 2011
to slam = to eat (mostly used when extremly hungry or when being stoned and having the muncheese)

The word is of Danish origin and can be used as an adjective as in SLAM(MEREN)= something slam(ish)
fuck jeg ska ha noget slammeren mad nu

(fuck! im gonna get me some reel slammish food now)

lets slam som breakfast!

i just slammed a shitload of pandcackes!
by Rumleskaft June 20, 2010
a term used against and about, usually older men, who feels and act as if they were a vigilante/lone ranger- like Clint Eastwood.

The term is used against the weak, older man who tries to act tough when he tells you to pick up that candywrapper and put it in the can,stand up straight or stop riding your bicycle on the sidewalk.
goddamn did you see that clint eastwood overthere?

stop fuckin going all clint eastwood on us

that old clint eastwood son of a bitch just told us to stop hanging around the entrance
by Rumleskaft June 20, 2010

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