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2 definitions by Rukku

French slang for "cool". Usually when an object, event, or person warrants the description of cool. Only used for sincere purposes.

*NB. Often used in conjunction with totes, to express a particularly "cool" for which a simple chouette would not suffice.
1. Dance pizzles are so chouette -- we should have one right now!

2. Juliana's riot into the door was totes chouette -- nothing will ever top that moment!
by Rukku February 16, 2004
Lying on some type of furniture, preferably of a futon nature. Usually two females, or one male and one female. Involving talking, bonding, and much fun but on an entirely platonic level. Powwowing is an exceptable activity while shacking.

*NB. Usually only possible by males of a mature personality. Females do not have these kinds of issues.
Hey wanna shack tonight? Sure, let's go hit the futizzle. I need a break from these exams.
by Rukku December 09, 2003