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An Incorporated Village located in Nassau County in Long Island, New York.

To describe the town's personality and that of it's residents, the following should be mentioned:

White, Roman Catholic, Conservative, Money, Six Figure Income, Natty's, Money, Golf Course, $500,000 Turf Field, Ignorant, Bubble, Soccer, Conceit, Irish, Money, Spoiled, Lavish, Italian, Lexus, Arrogant, Money, Extravagant, Sump, Money, Ivy League, Lax, Disrespectful, Racist, Greed, Sketchy & Money.

It is also important to mention some of the things that are not associated with Garden City:

Black, Grateful, Humble, Integration, Sober, Thrifty, Black, Moral Values, Hispanic, Minorities, Poor, Tight Budget, Black, Hard Working & Benevolent Police Officers, Secular, Non-Catholic, Unique, Asian, Generosity, Black, Not White, & Black.
Non-GC Resident: I heard that Garden City is 94% White. What's the other 6%?

GC Resident: Slaves.

by Ruinity December 17, 2008
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