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When a friend drinks too much (or not a lot, but is a baby girl) too early in the day, and completely forgets all of the embarrassing stuff they did all day.

Also a wonderful re-make of Halo 2's Lockout, redesigned slightly for Halo 3.

When a friend grabs your dick while you're wearing sweatpants.

When a friend head-butts you through revolving doors.

When a now former friend makes out with your dog, and tries to feel it up.

by RubiusHaggard April 07, 2009
When a friend hits the floor like a rock after being punched by a girl. Curling up into the fetal position usually follows.

The nickname "Pin-Drop" is issued when the friend denies curling up into the fetal position, and refers to it as a "Karate Block".
"Man that girl is haggard, go tell her to leave the party!"

"Yo bitch, you ugly"


*crying on the floor*

*booming laughter*

"What a fucking Pin-Drop"
by RubiusHaggard March 22, 2009
When a girl is ugly, she is Haggard.
When a girl is reeeeally Haggard, she's Hagrid.
When a girl is ridiculously Hagrid, she is RUBIUS.

Or Rubius Hagrid.

"That girl is F***ing RUBIUS!"

"Woww what a disgusting b*tch, she's HAGRID!"

"Eww Rubius Hagrid, let's take that girl to a Merkfest"
by RubiusHaggard March 22, 2009
An insult commonly used on a close friend when they are trying to squirrel out on doing something fun, but potentially dangerous.
When a friend wont get drunk with you on a Tuesday night because they work the next day,

When a friend wont leave work and quit his job to drive you to the movies to see the new Disney animated feature,

When a friend wont come over to play video games because his mom said he goes out too much,

When a friend says "Sorry guys" and uses his girlfriends name as an excuse to get out of seeing you,

Your friends are BABY GIRLs
by RubiusHaggard April 07, 2009

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