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Bergen County is the nicest county in all of New Jersey perhaps the east coast. 90 percent of it are multi-million dollar towns and the other 10 percent is upper middle class. It borders NYC so alot of celebs like in the area. As far as raising a family here it is close to impossible the price of everything is insane like really insane the property taxes in one of the upper middle class towns is around 14k. As far as schools go every one is a good one even the public schools and it has some of the best private schools in the country. So if you are a millionaire move to Bergen County you will fit right in.
person 1-yo were do you live?
person 2-oh i live in Bergen County.
person 3-...holy shit! you must be loaded!
by Roylance100 May 25, 2012
A small forgotten town in Bergen County that has that small town fell while still being a wealthy neighbored. Their School system is great and their might be a occasional "problem" but it is still a pretty safe town. Manly Italian, Irish, and a few Asians but that is it.
wow that house in River Edge,NJ just sold for 890,000!
by Roylance100 April 02, 2011

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