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Not making sense. Completely illogical and insane.
Choosing to get addicted to heroin was most definately nonsensical.
by Roxanne Brittain June 13, 2008
Something that makes sense. The better word to use instead of sensible.
It's very sensical of you to put your socks on before your shoes.
by Roxanne Brittain June 13, 2008
1. of or relating to porn
2. a journal specifically designated to porn
"her pornal instincts allowed her to comfortably masturbate in front of her friends"

"this weeks entry in my pornal was a graphic description of cunnilingus between three female orangutans"
by Roxanne Brittain February 07, 2009
The opposite of disheveled. Organized, aranged and put together.
She appeared very heveled and I was afraid I would not meet up to her standards.
by Roxanne Brittain June 13, 2008

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