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An amazing guy who is so handsome, kind and he can be both a gentle lover who hits all the right spots and makes it last so long as well as the kinkiest cowboy down under!!
He's such a beautiful boy, whom if you get you will be one of the luckiest girls alive!! He's so giving and gentle, though he knows just when to take command. He likes wearing the pants in the relationship, but he's just got that way of being that'll make you beg for him to be your master. He never takes advantage and he'll always put you first and make sure you are looked after well... he'll always protect you!
He will always be your kinky Daddy!!

Girl 1: Wow look at that guy GOD, I want him!!
Girl 2: Yea me too, he's Rowan!
by Rowans_Honey_bunny January 23, 2009
A sexy beast with blond hair who's a fan of The Offspring!
He likes to hypnotize lady's and my god, he's a kinky bastard!
Girl 1: Mmm who's that guy??

Girl 2: That sexy thing.. that's palmer!!
by rowans_Honey_bunny January 23, 2009
Lawrence = Pervert
A guy who is tall with long strawberry colored hair and big teeth. He likes dry humping innocent girls, he also often trys forcing himself on the girls. He crosses the line and and when all else fails he resorts to telling the girls that he has a fatal illness and will die, so the girl should sleep with him so he can at least feel pleasure before he dies!
Girl: Lawrence GET OFF ME!!

Lawrence: But.. but please.. I'm going to be dead soon, let me feel good one last time!! JUST A LITTLE BIT!
by rowans_Honey_bunny January 23, 2009

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