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Best Friend With Benefits.

An arrangement in which two people add a romance-free sexual component to an otherwise Platonic relationship. The parties involved may have once been a couple, but not necessarily.
Girl A: "I saw you at the restaurant with your man last night. From that smile on your face, it looks to me like you had a good time after dinner!"

Girl B: "Oh, he's not my man per se...he's my BFWB."

Girl A: "So...you mind if I ask him out?"

Girl B: "Be my guest!"
by RotSman November 01, 2006
1) A presumably advanced sexual technique refined by latter-day philosophers Bell Biv DeVoe (q.v.).

2) Also used as a taunt during competitions after a display of significant success.
1) "Move to the Jacuzzi, ooo, that booty
Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh no!"
~Bell Biv DeVoe

2) Player One: "I can't believe you just ran that 83 yards for a TD! WTF!?"
Player Two spikes ball: "Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, OH NO!"
by RotSman April 19, 2008
Unable to win at poker at a particular venue.
Even holding an ace-high flush I was busted by a full house. I'm snakebit at this table.
by RotSman September 13, 2006
Ape-Shit Ballistic

The status of being angered, frustrated, and/or outraged beyond all rational levels of human behavior. Usually the immediate precursor to extraordinarily violent activities, enacted for the sake of vengeance.
I took a lot of lip from that guy, but when he disrespected my girl, I went ASB on his ass.
by RotSman October 28, 2006
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