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Best used as a come back
If someone were to say 'You're gay' come back with 'So's yer maw'
by Ross August 21, 2003
The act of being on psychadelic mushrooms.
Colten is booming this weekend; he got a quarter of some bomb-ass shrooms.
by Ross October 29, 2004
A popular haunt for (cockmasters). Possibly the greatest nightclub on planet Earth. Whether it be vodka on a Thursday or jelly baby on a Saturday, there's no place like Evo.
"Me and my fellow cockmasters are going to evolution tonight to get some pussy"
by Ross October 24, 2004
Form Of House Music...

Unbelievely Bouncy

You Know That You Like IT!!!
3beat.co.uk soucsemp3s.co.uk

lee butler, lil john
by Ross January 31, 2003
A character from the Simpsons episode Kill Gil that is based on the Grinch. Homer tries to stop the grumple from ruining Christmas during a holiday-show-on-ice. The grumple then tries to hunt Homer down and presumably kill him. As the Grumple says, "Grumpley Grumpley Groo, I'll use your blood to make my stew!" In the end of the episode, the Grumple family visits the Simpsons and sings with them.
Look out! It's the Grumple!
#simpsons #grinch #christmas #grumpley #groo
by Ross December 22, 2006
trampy little fucks. they are little morons who think that just cos they have a few hard mates they are the bee's knee's personaly i want to organise 'chav hunting' wouldnt that be a bloody good sport ? jus get a few horses sum mates and a pack of dogs then chase em and laugh with glee as your dogs rip them appart. now that would be a bloody good sport !.

the chavetts are just poor hoes who think that by getting pregannt that are kool. well lets all laugh at them cos they are poor nd fuckin useless !
strawberry hill in london - it was a nice area but theres one road with pikey houses in it. not you see about 1000 lil turds roaming up nd down the street with their crappy lil peds thinking they are hard. im quite tempted to start a game outa my window called 'see who can hit the passing ped with a brick' a hit gets you 10 points.
by ross June 24, 2004
Another saying for surgery
"Jose, I'm so nervious about your brain condition, I think you'll have to go under the knife."
by Ross March 28, 2005
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