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Who any true Scotsman supports at a major football tournament, Anyone But England.
C'mon ABE, let's beat these arrogant febs.
by Rory the Sheep October 10, 2009
A supporter of Rangers Football Club.
''Look at those scummy orcs smashing up Manchester city centre.''

''The bigotry and violence of the orcs must be an escape from their miserable poverty-stricken lives.''

''That orc really reeks.''

by Rory the sheep April 13, 2009
Cure to the swine flu that's going about.
If only those dead Mexicans had had some oinkment.
by Rory the sheep April 28, 2009
When you go outside after a few drinks and you turn from someone who is relatively sober to a drunken embarrassment.
"Fucking fresh-air sniper, I can't remember spitting in that officer's face on the way home"
by Rory the sheep September 24, 2009
The inhabitants of County Mayo, Ireland.
The Mayonnaise are backward even by Irish standards.
by Rory the sheep October 01, 2009
Pit of urban decay which is sometimes called Dundee.
The malnourished inbreds inhabitants of Slumdee need cheap alcohol and heroin to get some relief from the poverty stricken misery they call life.
by Rory the sheep May 18, 2009
A pretentious idiot who ridicules people for liking popular beers.
Beer Nazi: "Hahaha you can't like Fosters, you pleb."
by Rory the sheep March 18, 2009

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