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xerulence is a condition quite common in male office workers; they are in the habit of going over to the photocopier area to release any farts they have brewing, hoping that the noise and smell of the photocopier will mask the sound of the fart and noxious gases thereof. It doesn't.
Can you copy these papers please, oh hang on give it a few minutes, Ken's over there and he has chronic xerulence.
by Roopybabe November 28, 2013
Xereptitude is where someone with xerulence compounds the effects of that condition by mis-timing their fart releases. For example, just before the office hottie (who they have been trying to catch alone by the photocopier for months) comes around the corner and walks straight into their just released cloud of gas and is forced to make a hasty retreat, eyes smarting from the awful smell thereof.
Oh man, I had one brewing so I went over to the photocopier to let it go and just as I did that stunning blonde from the 4th floor walked up to me and straight into it! She didn't hang around, that's the end of my chances there, total xereptitude!
by Roopybabe March 07, 2014
A native of Cornwall which is called "Kernow" in the Cornish language.
I was born and brought up in Cornwall, I am a kernhead through and through.
by Roopybabe November 23, 2013
Someone who is "eco tedious" constantly drones on about environmental issues, global warming, how you should recycle and so on.
Please don't lecture me about how polar bears are going to starve, it's really eco tedious.
by Roopybabe November 23, 2013
The feeling of regret at having that large doner kebab the night before.
Person A: I wish I hadn't had that large kebab last night, I could yak up at any moment.

Person B: Strewth, sounds like you've got a bad case of kebabists remorse mate.
by Roopybabe November 22, 2013
When you are convinced that you are about to fart loudly in a public place and when, you can hold it no longer, the fart is released it actually just makes a small squeak then you have committed a Frompton.
I was in class and was sure I was brewing one big enough to blow the roof off but, to my relief, it was just a Frompton.
by Roopybabe November 22, 2013
Someone who breathes through their mouth at all times even when walking down the street.
Close your mouth, I don't want to be seen with an oral respirator!
by Roopybabe November 22, 2013

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