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A cute cuddly critter, that has sharp teeth and is protective of his territory...namely Tech Support Chatrooms. EG: WD Chat
Awwwwww Ferrit
by Rook March 03, 2003
A Vacuum of Knowledge, A Vortex of Information in the tech World. Female Technician who knows more than most damned men on the planet. Windrivers editing Maestro.

Get to the point, or Get edited by NooNoo
by Rook March 06, 2003
A cool person whos only slightly loserish.
I'm a dork. But I'm fuckin cool!
by Rook November 08, 2003
Usually someone who is really bad and evil and does bad things. Like Hitler. Not necessarily against christ, mind you. Just a bad guy
BUT, in latin, "anti" means other, so in latin anti-christ means "the other christ."
How fucked up is that?
Anti-christs are bad people.
by Rook November 08, 2003
insane person who is rich
The poor are insane, the rich just eccentric.
by Rook November 08, 2003
Not just San Franscico. There are many Bay Area's including the:
Tampa Bay Area
Chesapeake Bay Area
Hudson Bay and so on.

Not known by most asshole Californians which believe the world revolves around them because 90% of television is set in California making them beleive that the rest of the country is full of the same cretins as they see everyday. Too arrogant, ignorant and egocentric to think outside of thier own little false reality. One of the many reasons the rest of the country prays that the Big One will one day wipe them from the face of the earth in a terrible and horrifying cataclism
The Chesapeake Bay Area
by Rook April 22, 2005

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