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Italian anarchist who was put executed by American government with practically no case.
Sacco: Man, what a great day to be an anarchist.
Vanzetti: Yep. I love having a political platform in which any form of violence would be a terrible contradiction.
Sacco: I'm so glad that we are well-informed individuals who realize that if we were to commit a crime of violence, that we would be acting against the idea that the cessation of all government would be beneficial to the security of liberties and our well-being as a society.
Judge: They blew it up, ya'll! I swur! Hang 'em.
by Ronnie February 22, 2004
A kick ass gore grind band influenced by bands like carcass.
listen to the matter of splatter & you'll see what I mean!
by ronnie April 18, 2005
an idiot going by the name of John Marsh who fingered his ex unsuspectedly up the wrong-un
Make it yourself, but beware, its messy
by Ronnie November 12, 2004
Term used to imply that someone is an idiot.
You've broken the computer again; you fucking drapesman.
by Ronnie February 13, 2004
Pimp in distress.
*Only Applies to Pimps*

To be in a situation which is dangerious to your pimplatiude.
John flared his PID warning, due to Susie not being a respectful ho.
by Ronnie January 22, 2004
Zorak from Space Ghost
Zorak on SGC2C: I am the lone locust, er, MANTIS of the apocalypse!
by ronnie April 18, 2005
Shit Back

Often used by my girlfriend.

A person that smells like shit, is overweight, and doesn't want to hang out with his girlfriend.
Ronnie, You are such a fucking Shit Back.
by Ronnie January 04, 2005
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