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Nozatal - a condition where one would be born with having no ass at all or very little ass at all. Not to be confused with someone having an accident where as to their own ass was somehow removed in the process.
It is a condition that exist in men and women. It is when a persons back goes from your neck to your legs with having little or no ass to obscure the journey. So you will then be deemed as having No Ass At All. Nozatal - It's just not for skinny white girls anymore.
#booty #ass #bum #toosh #derrier #rump #brain cushion #nozatal #nazatal
by RonDMC70 July 10, 2011
Someone so involved into their phone conversation that the world around them disappears. Their phone conversation makes them drunk.
When these people stop talking on their phones, they do not recognize their surroundings and just continue to drive aimlessly in hopes of finding their way home again. Look at this women! She is so intalksicated she didn't stop at that stop sign! Good thing she wasn't blond, she might have intalksicated her way into your the side of your car then Boom Goes the Dynamite!!
#phone #talk #drunk #intoxicated #driving #cars #missing time
by RonDMC70 August 18, 2011
an image put up on Twitter as a post or profile picture.
I just put up my twimage. How does it look? Good but a little out of focus. Put on your glasses. Oh that's better! (example 1)

I just posted a twimage up that shows the horrors of the Japan Tsunami. Terrible what has happened there and your twimage shows the world. (example 2)
#twitter #twimage #twamage #pics #photos #pictures #images #satelite #meta data #google #yahoo #wikipedia
by RonDMC70 July 15, 2011
Bonghitsu - is the art of making a bong or being able to make a Bong out of just about anything. After you have made your Bonghitsu, You Hit That Bong Til It Hits You!
Bonghitsu: MacGyver Style - Take the cardboard from a roll of two ply toilet paper, cut hole near end of roll, tape the end up and tape a piece of aluminum foil to the hole, put small holes into foil, insert Marijuana, and you have just made a pipe via Bonghitsu. Sophisticated people to go the hardware store and gather proper materials for making a Bonghitsu. You can buy a Volumetric Flask, glass cutter, test tube, and some water to make an awesome Bonghitsu
#bong #water bong #dry bong #pipe #marijuana #smoking weed #hash
by RonDMC70 August 23, 2011
kilicks means when you "so called" hear the clicking sound coming from your odometer in kilometers. It is a combination of the two words Kilometer-clicks or Kilicks. It's use is wide spread through out the and in the different services of the military of the United States of America! One Kilick is equal to one kilometer.
How many kilicks before we get home? About 73 kilicks till will reach the city limits of McAlester, Oklahoma. Why? I got to go pee!
#kilicks #clicks #klicks #military terms #kilometers #odometer #speeding #distance #how far
by RonDMC70 October 22, 2011
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