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To take someones blood, specifically their red blood cells and inject it into your body. Increasing your own red blood cell count enabling you do be more active and go for longer. Blood doping is dangerous and illegal and shouldn't be done in athletics but happens anyway.

Blood doping on the streets is a real fun way of doing it. Get some poor victim, scare him, to get his adrenaline up, draw his blood, and insert it into your own body to get a natural high.
They wouldn't let me donate blood because I had been blood doping with so many different people. Aids for the win.
by Romanfool October 31, 2007
Not only one of the most talented song writers/singers ever. But an incredible author as well, writing books such as Tales From Margaritaville, Where in the World is Joe Bama, and a select few other titles.
Often mislabeled as a country singer, he has an incredibly wide variety of songs that are very nice to listen to as you wind down your busy day.
Jimmy Buffett is by far the best artist I have ever heard of.
by Romanfool November 01, 2007
The place where all the cool people hang out. There is nobody over 50 there at all, it is the hippest place to hang out. Also the best place to buy drugs, high quality drugs.
Dude I went to Poulsbo and bought some crack and I was high as hell for weeks, 20 bucks a kilo for the good stuff, I love Poulsbo
by Romanfool October 28, 2007
The best song in the world, absolutely genius. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no taste of music.
he was a sk8r boi she said cya later boy.
by Romanfool November 01, 2007
This name is usually associated with the druggie group in society. Most Nathaniel's are usually on drugs of some kind, they only buy tho, Hilary's sell drugs, Nathaniel's bug.
Dude check out the Nathaniel's over there,
Ya I know, total druggies
by Romanfool December 14, 2007
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