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Prevalent post 9/11 mindset towards an individual.A Persons beliefs/customs are often related with violent extremist acts just like christian terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh or the northem Ireland groups in previous years.
-Misconception:ALL terrorists are muslims, Timothy McVeigh was Christian,white american nextdoor boy,former US soldier.he is often call criminal instead of terrorist. Had he had less pale skin or foreing parents he would be called muslim terrorist.

Previous paranoias of the americana :comunism, totalitarism, fashism, sexysm.Post 9/11 terrorism, extremism.

"Hey Rijhad whats up? Havent seen u in a while, planing a muslim move on freedom tower?"

Rijhad: "Nah, cant board a plane no more, my hemorrhoids prevent TSA from performing any enhanced inspection techniques!"
#bullied #harrassed #exploited #racism #politcs
by RomacIn December 06, 2012
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