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Bloods try to use it, but they dont understand what it means
the slobk said "fucc you crabk" and i responded "i kno i rule you"
by Rolllin4_YC April 17, 2007
Home of 3-6 Talipa, made up of mostly bitch made sectons
Germantown: Not one german in the whole damn place
Cordova: where most of the bitch niggas reside
Orange mound: Mostly hoes, Red light distict, CHEAPEST hoes in the U.S.
Frasier: Poorest, sadest part of town, also contains the most fakest gangsters in the city
North Memphis: Fradulant people, seems to be the hottest part of the city too..... dunno why though

gangkid1: "man what son immma crip was poppin"
me: "crips keep it craccin dumbass"

gangkid2: "what nigga ill hit you wit ma tool"
me: "really is it a wrench?"
gangkid2: "naw nigga -puts down starbucks coffee- takes out black spray painted water gun

Real story
memphisboy: "man im from the ghetto homie"
teacher: yea thats why i saw you in da back of that hummer watching dora the explorer right?"
by Rolllin4_YC April 17, 2007
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