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One definition comes from the Roller Derby when the fastest skater passes those on the other team. When the skater is going really fast he is on a JAM. A slang useage example would be "let's jam".
Let's jam instead of let's go
by Roland October 31, 2005
a: Adjective referring to something stimulating
b: Noun for any powdered substance
a: That rollercoaster ride was dope.
a2: That chicks ass is dope
b: They found dope in the pocket of the dead junkie.
by Roland July 28, 2003
A phrase used for anyone that is alone. A slang word for recluse.

Origin: Celtic, originally meant "he who dwells apart"
How horrible being kraig is.

I'd love to go kraig.
by Roland August 13, 2004

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