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A person that specializes in puncturing through ones buttocks
Girl, Brad is such a booty muncher.
by Roko8888 March 27, 2014
The finger that burrows into the booty
His finger worm was shuttle but firm.

"OMG look at Dereck's finger worm"

His finger worm technique is amazing!
by Roko8888 May 28, 2014
The act of being penetrated by 2 or more penises (at once or alternating) into your rectum
I just saw a hobo getting shaft attacked!

"I just suffered a massive shaft attack last night", said Sheldon
by Roko8888 May 31, 2014
When your able to get all the ugly and fat guys to bootymunch and finger worm you in bed (or on the couch if you like it like that)
Oh man, I'm getting all the Mason luck this week!

"I have really good Mason luck", said Grant
by Roko8888 May 31, 2014
(Verb)The art of inserting random objects up ones rectum
Why is that guy nimaing himself
by Roko8888 March 27, 2014
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