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Pre-Weird Al funny music band from Detroit that started as a joke and blossomed into one of Detroit's music legends from the '70s. Originally took local bands' lyrics and changed them to funny lyrics but began writing creative and hysterical songs of their own in short time like "Sliders & Fries", "Ivan The Putski", "Summer Camp In Moscow", "Scream Bitch!", to name but a few. Formed by two of Detroit's eastside delinquents, The Despicable Mikey Moe Hawk and The Insatiable Tommy Hawk, they lasted together as a musical and movie project until 2007 when the retired the "Mohawk Bros." officially, but still remain best friends to this date. Look their name up on Google or whatever search engine becomes more popular eventually, and you'll get a taste of some sick individuals with guitars in their hands. Kind of like a Detroit punk version of Alice Cooper & Frank Zappa, but very original too. These guys wore SKI MASKS onstage to protect their real identities and are rumored to have committed crimes after their shows in their stage costumes.
That Reruns band and the Polish Muslims completely ripped off The Incredible Mohawk Bros. who did it all a lot sooner than they did.
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by Roger Halstead March 26, 2008
Co-founding father of Detroit's Incredible Mohawk Bros. Band and still the best friend of Mikey Moe Hawk to this day. Known for his bizarre antics onstage involving un-used cardboard boxes, some kaiser boiler foil and a pair of blunt scissors...YETH! Well-known antagonizer on Detroit's East Side and along with Mikey, performed internet terrorism on other Detroit-based musicians. Funny, funny stuff!
"Did you see that giant boner Tommy Hawk had on stage?" - a female fan circa 1977
#tommy hawk #tommyhawk #tomahawk #tommie hok #rl
by Roger Halstead March 26, 2008
A modern and more pschodelic version of Detroit's Incredible Mohawk Bros. Band that was more like Spinal Tap than anything. The HawkAdelic were an internet group formed by Incredible Mohawk Bros. founding members Mikey Moe Hawk and Tommy Hawk that never had one rehearsal because everyone quit for fear of the antics of the two founding members.
Detroit's answer to Spinal Tap is The HawkAdelic.
#hawkadelic #mohawk bros. #mohawks #psychodelic #dildo
by Roger Halstead March 26, 2008
Slang expression used for Wayne Kramer of the MC5 because he's an old ass clown these days trying to capitalize on the past of his deceased friends rather than doing it on his own. Had a couple of good songs here and there, but constantly keeps recording "The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff on nearly every recording in an inane attempt to make the song famous. Put your money of Sonic's Rendezvous Band for much, much more talent.
Dwayno Da Old Ass Clown can't even count anymore because he has 6 people in the Neo-MC5, so he's gettin' old
#dwayno #assclown #old assclown #wankramer #dufus
by Roger Halstead March 26, 2008
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