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The loud noises emitted from an intense make out session. It resembles someone eating a messy egg salad sandwich. Usually related to slurping, sloshing, and lip smacking sounds.
John: Keep it down back there, it sounds like someone's munching on an egg salad sandwich!!!!

Corey: *slurp* Shut up john... *slurp*
by Rodzilla7861 March 08, 2011
Many attractive females. Also, what players get on a daily basis.
Steve: Hey jake what are you doin tonight?
Jake: Yo man i be gettin hauss bitches tonight!
by Rodzilla7861 February 21, 2011
Misheard lyric of Lil B. Also spelled basegod. It is actually Based God.
Joe: Oh yeah? Well I'm so base god. You should have seen the girls i was with last night.

Jerome: No. It's Based God. Lil B is gonna F**K your B***H for this.
by Rodzilla7861 January 05, 2011
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