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A small country in central America, located between Guatemala and Honduras. The slang term for people from this country is Guanaco. One of its main forms of income is coffee. El Salvador in English means "The Savior".
Person 1: Hey, where are you going this summer?
Person 2: I'm going to go visit my relatives in El Salvador.
by Rodzilla February 13, 2005
The title of the boxing video game that is featured in the music video for 50 Cent's Piggy Bank. This imaginary video game features 50 Cent as the best and strongest boxer, who takes on all of his real-life enemies in the boxing ring. Those enemies appear symbolically, as maybe the producer of the video game wasn't able to make all of their faces in 3D. Among the rappers getting knocked out by 50 Cent are Jadakiss, Fat Joe, and Nas. Game is never in the ring with 50, but he is featured as a Mr. Potato Head. This, of course, led game to create the retaliatory song "Mr. Potato Head", featuring Phat Rat, which many consider knocks out Piggy Bank.
Dude 1: Hey dude, you wanna play a video game?
Dude 2: Not unless it's that boxing game from Piggy Bank.

Dude 1: Haha, Rapper Knock-Out. Who are you gonna be?
Dude 2: Foo! 50 Cent of course! I wanna win.
#piggy bank #50 cent #feud #game #the #nas #fat joe #jadakiss #g-unit #gunit #black #wallstreet
by Rodzilla November 01, 2005
Israel Defense Forces

One of the best armies in the world. They are so used to dealing with terrorism, that the U.S. had to copy their security measures in airplanes and airports. Every Israeli male and female must serve in the IDF for at least two years.
The IDF is currently building the Security Fence to give the terrorists a harder time to get to Israel.
by Rodzilla January 01, 2005
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