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When a woman rubs lube on their anus and inserts a flashlight into it so that light is visible through their asshole.
Jenna gave herself a greek lighthouse to prove to her friends it was possible.
by Rodman Randy April 29, 2005
A person who never stops talking about crew, no matter how stupid, boring, or uninteresting their story is. A crew bitch will talk to anyone who will listen to brag about how they row crew.
No one cares about your erg time you crew bitch.
by Rodman Randy May 26, 2007
When someone who is wearing eye goggles has their partner excrete diarrhea on his or her face.
When my brother was sleeping I gave him a Hispanic Sewage Diver. He was displeased with me when he found out.
by Rodman Randy May 14, 2006
When you bank on having a snow day and stay up until school is actually cancelled.
1. Mat, Brian, and Matty are currently playing snow bank at UMASS.

2. Mark missed his early morning exam because he was up all night playing snow bank and cheating on his girlfriend.
by Rodman Randy February 02, 2011

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