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Australian term for a simple rudely constructed dwelling. Typically made of natural materials scavenged from the surrounding bushland.
By selecting some suitable large branches from the surrounding scrub, I had soon constructed a servicable gunyah by weaving them together. By adding some buches of long reeds I managed to add a reasonable thatch.
by Roderick Myer July 30, 2006
The term homosexualist, as popularised by Matt Lucas's character Daffyd Thomas, is a useful one to mean those active homosexuals who are trying to make it compulsory for all. The term could extend to those try to force their own ideas on supposed equality for those of peculiar sexuality. It definitely includes those types who consider their same sex proclivities to be far superior to heterosexuals.
As an active homosexualist I am supporting the rights of men to marry each other and their absolute right for these relationships to produce children just as heterosexual marriage does. Governments should pay for all necessary medical expenditure to achieve this outcome.
by Roderick Myer July 30, 2006
In Australia the term M.I.A. refers to the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. A region of vineyards, orchards and ricefields around Griffith where the influence of Hollywood and north American ideas is not so pervasive.
weather forecaster - a cool dry day is predicted for the southern Riverina and M.I.A.
by Roderick Myer July 31, 2006

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