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Poonsquabble is a game played played those who are bored and happen to dislike Vagina. Alternating statements of increasing complexity, subtleness, general effect, and overall offenseivness are lobbed at your "Vopponent". This continues until you run out of funny, someone pees, or you walk to away to do something else.
Poonsquabbler A: "Your Vagina Smells" (the original insult)
Poonsquabbler B: "Aim for the Vagina Boys!!" (big points for subtle contextual clues).
Poonsquabbler A: "Ask the nice old Vagina in the blue hat if this is egg salad or tuna salad" (bonified physical reactions such as ralphing, breaking into hives, cold-sweats are big point winners.
Poonsquabbler B: "God himself wouldn't freak-nast that dried-up holocost mess of a Vagina."

Points are awarded by the circle of onlookers who have gathered at the corner once someone successfully engages another in a "demisquab", a short, under-the-breath statement and reply. Once the reply is confirmed, the PoonSiren is sounded and the game begins.

Poonsquabbling is associated with its sister game "ShaftShoving 4 Singles". That main title, plus the whole ShaftShoving Family: ShaftShoving Travel, ShaftShoving Barbie, and ShaftShoving TEEN have all remained best sellers.

Finally, A self-help/cook-book/home-butchering guide titled "ShovingShaft 4 One And Other Secrets of The Shoving Arts" is due out with a family version in 2009.
#poonerpunches #doorwaydeliverances #duggievuggievugger himself #also a dear old friend.says i should jon them amonst the living agaiin tomorrow #and i'now we have a place for life
by Rocky Rangrooblestoop the 77th December 18, 2008
The condition of one's mental and moral faculties while in a state of extreme disorientation or disarray. Often the result of heavy substance use followed by a period of deep sleep from which one cannot be roused. "Skrampled Banonos" happens upon waking, and is exacerbated if waking in a strange location or bed (typically nude). This state of confusion and weak decision-making ability lasts anywhere from 1 or 2 minutes to an hour.
Tom: When that tramp finally woke up this morning, she fell off the bed, hit her head, and started crying because she didn't know who I was or why her g-string was tied up in her hair! She wandered outside wearing my t-shirt and then disappeared.

Eric: Sounds like the bitch was Skrampled Banonos.
#confused #mental #state #faculties #sustance #abuse
by Rocky Rangrooblestoop the 77th March 31, 2010
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