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An alternative/experimental metal band with 4 current members that stayed together since and brought back great music into the mainstread. All the members of SOAD are of Armenian heritage and are grandsons of Armenian Genocide survivors.

Their lyrics are somewhat simple yet they have a deep meaning once you finally get the point to those songs (which are either very, VERY political or social).

A ton of people confuse System of a Down as a nu metal band because they happen to debut their first album when a bunch of new bands amerged in the same year and they have somewhat similar styles... although SOAD has disnounced that they are nu metal.

They are currently on hiatus.

Oh, and they are as pop music as Britney Spears is to metal... nice thinking, retards.
Memebers: Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian, John Dolmayan

Albums: System of a Down, Toxicity, Steal This Album!, Mezmerize, Hypnotize
Excellent and an original-for-its-time death metal band created in the mid 80s by Chris Barnes, ex-vocalist from Cannibal Corpse. Their music is more slow-placed (for a death metal group) and the cookie monster vocals are pretty understandable- which is pretty rare from such a group.
Six Feet Under is better than Cannibal Corpse, and Cannibal Corpse is fucking epic.
Very comfortable, warm coats, usually comes in leather. It's differnet than other coats because these types of coats drape down enough where only your feet and the lower part of your legs are shown. This makes the wearer warmer and drier than other alternatives.

Sadly, alot of adults (usually middle-aged or older) look completely down upon these coats because they can easily conseal weapons such as sawn-off shotguns, uzis, and other firearms. All this because of reputation when students coming in guns blazing wearing these coats.

Because of this, I'm forbidden to wear such a coat to my high school, and I live no where near Colorado.
"What the hell is stopping me from shashing weapons in a backpack or a winter coat yet I can't wear fucking trench coats in school, you shit-headed assholes?"
- A response I made to the "people" running the school I go to.
1) A musician who plays the bass guitar (or bass); the long version is a bass guitarist.

And apparently...
2) A person who hates bass or bass guitarist (combining a word such as "racist" to "bass")
Although, that gets extremely and ironically confusing.
~ "Oh my god! That bassist is fighting the bassist!"
- "Uh, what? You mean that two bass players are hitting each other?"
~ "No! It started when a bassist in the audience was talking down the bassist on the stage."
- "Why?"
~ "Because that bassist insulted that bassist for being a bassist, what a bassist wouldnormally do."
- "(?_?)............... okay..."
When you or your partner had sex and then proceeded to forget everything about you afterwards.
When a person becomes a humped and dumped victim, here are usual quotes that come after their "diagnosis"

- "Bitch, I thought you loved me! I thought we were going to have a life together..."
- "Hold on, I'm not done yet."
- "You gave bad hummers anyway."
- "Guess it's a great time to tell you that I was trying to hit on your hot friend."
- "Does this mean I have to pay you the $100 now?"
- "HA-HA! Enjoy my gonorrea."
Heavy metal mixed with world music- traditional music done by indigenous folk (African, Austrailian, Middle Eastern, etc.) Instruments such as native aucoustic instruments and drums are used along side with heavy metal instruments.

World metal was most likely created and influenced by the Brazilian death metal group Sepultura (which is my most favorite metal band).

It is a very innovative type of heavy metal because they brought two completely different sounds and fused them together with nice results.
Sepultura, Soulfly, Ektomorf, etc. and even System of a Down have experimented with world metal.
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