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4 definitions by Robotron

The act of searching and or yoinking items from another person locker during the school year. Can be usefull to find sports realated items
Joe: Yo check out this sweater i just got from Locker Shopping.
Moe: Dam ill give u 20$ for it?
by Robotron March 06, 2007
A person who answers question that was not directed to them in the first place.
Tom: Hey, John. D'you want these fries?
John: Well...
Bill: Yeah, I want them!
Tom: You're such a Third Party Douchebag!!
by robotron March 06, 2007
The act or process of someone in an older generation trying to fit in with a younger generation by stealing thier slang.
Mom:Whats Up Dawg? Hows it been Hanging at school today? Pimp Slizap any teachers homie?
Kid:Shut up mom dont be a Slang Stealer.
by Robotron March 06, 2007
A human who whishes to be a robot, walks in a mechanical way- as if hes doing the robot. Never shows emotions and has a very bitchy attitude.
Tom:Dude stop being such a schenatron! and feel up ur girl.
David:'F' u im not into that sort of thing
by Robotron March 06, 2007