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16 definitions by Robot

Term used in South Africa to describe traffic lights.
Painted on road: "Robot Ahead"
South African giving directions: "Turn left at the second robot"
by robot January 15, 2004
177 92
when someone bends over and you see his balls hanging near his ass like a dog
That man just buttsacked me!?
by rOBOT April 22, 2003
96 54
Also known as Southern Death Cult, a British goth rock (stuff like The Cure or Sisters of Mercy) band from the 80s and 90s.
The Rise is the best song ever!!!
by robot May 30, 2005
45 7
Cradle Of Filth's track number 2 on Nymphetamine album. Very fast and awesome drums.
"Your misery is worn as a veil
To hide bewitchment of the ugliest kind
In place of eve a bitter parody hails
Daggers from the swagger
Of a sodomite's concubine"
by robot January 13, 2005
85 54
A pregger is a female human who is with child. As the abdominal bulge becomes more obvious, the individual's status may change to "wicked pregger."
Wicked preggers are a dime a dozen over in suitcase city, and most will let you drink their milk, for a price.
by robot October 13, 2003
70 47
A Goth Rock band from Netherlands. Formed in 1983
Clan of Xymox rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by robot May 08, 2005
28 14
This phrase means "whatever excites you", "whatever make you tick", sometimes used as expressing "whatever sets off the penis".
<robot>hentai doesn't wiggle my squiggle
by robot August 18, 2005
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