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A gay or lesbian person who acts like ass in order to elicit an negative response from persons they believe to be straight. Then that gay or lesbian person attempts to attribute that negative response to being homophobic instead of attributing it to the fact that they are indeed being an asshole.
I punched you in the throat because you elbowed my girlfriend in the face on the dance floor and not because your gay, you fucking "straightophobe" asshole.
by Robobear April 16, 2014
lodestone |ˈlōdˌstōn|
a naturally magnetized mineral, able to be used as a magnet.
• figurative a thing that is the focus of attention or attraction.
"Wow, that baby is like a lodestone!"
by RoboBear September 20, 2011
The one person who, unbeknownst to them, keeps you from failing a subject at university simply by being so beautiful (among myriad 'meh' looking peers) that you happily zombie your way to the lecture just to sit behind them and stare at the back of their perfect head for an hour. lodestone

During that one, magical hour you:

a) Get heart palpitations glimpsing a perfectly sculpted ear...or if super duper lucky,sliver of sideface- ohhHHHhhh yeeeEEEAAAAaahhh!

b)Try to stop breathing so heavily/swallowing so often etc.

c) Absorb bits of lecture during mental intermissions between daydreaming about what their name might be, what their voice might sound like, what you would talk about, whether they'd notice if you touched their hair, if your babies would inherit their hair, what shampoo they use etc.; thus enabling a pass mark- BONUS!

After shadowing a complete stranger all semester, your borderline-obsessive and stalkerliciously-sprung self knows that any possible post-fantasy encounter would go down like this:

Hottie, smiling politely :) after unintentional physical contact:
"oops, sorry"

You, grinning INTENSELY :D ,shitting rainbows red-facedly:
"Hey aren't you half an hour early for this lecture? And don't you usually go to the morning lecture so that you don't have to endure an awkward 5 hour break?"

"I missed the early lecture last week and totes fell in lust with this gorgeous lecture lodestone!"

"OMG! You are totally lecture lusting!"
by RoboBear September 20, 2011
The act of attending a university lecture for a class you do not take.
Derivative of gate crash

Reasons behind this behaviour vary... One could lecture crash to keep a friend company, to hide the fact that they have no one to hang out with during a break, to try before you buy, or maybe just because they find the subject interesting.
"Hey Clementine! What are you doing here?! I didn't know you took psych 101!"

"Hey Fatima, nahh I don't, I'm just lecture crashing"
by RoboBear September 20, 2011
The act of attending lectures for a class you don't take because you are crushing on someone there--either another pupil, or the lecturer (in the case of the latter the 'crush' could be completely platonic--perhaps admiration of teaching/oratory skills).

Derivative of lecture crashing
"Bro, that hilarious philosophy lecturer we had first year is taking a class this semester! We are sooooooooo lecture crushing!"
by RoboBear September 20, 2011
doing all the hard work until the peak and pivotal moment of success, at which time the rug us pulled out from under you and someone else is inserted in your position. Sometimes receiving your glory, but more often, failing miserably.

A reference to Doug Flutie's career in the NFL.
I heard they pulled a flutie on you man. You worked so hard on that presentation, and the sales promotion was such a success and then to let that lazy suck up move right in and take over the division. Now that division is in trouble.

Yep, they flutied me, they fukin flutied me!
by robobear October 09, 2014

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