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Member of the Establishment or urban elite with an affected interest in Association Football in order to enhance their credentials as a member of the working class made good. Their declarations of loyalty to a professional football club, based adjacent to the Manchester Ship Canal but started by a group of Yorkshire railway workers, increase in intensity in direct proportion to their distance from Salford Quays. For example, many of their most fervent supporters used to be found in London but recent marketing efforts suggest that Manchester United PLC considers its consumer heartland to be in the Far East.

The most popular item on the menu at Old Trafford is believed to be the prawn sandwich.

Manchester United is simultaneously the best-supported football team in the world (due largely to its overseas fan base) and the most despised ( due largely to its arrogant assumption that it is the best supported football team in the world).

Generally held up as a shining example of all that is good about English football, this American-owned club is managed by a Scot and employs players from South America, Portugal and other far flung parts.

Genuine Man United supporters inhabit Salford and North West Manchester; for these individuals it is the most convenient football club so might be considered local.
"Which team do you support?"

"I'm a Man United supporter"

"I didn't know you hailed from the fair (though somewhat rainy) city of Manchester"

"Where's Manchester?"
by Robo283 May 01, 2008
The morass of irrelevant and confusing messages transmitted by electronic media that conceal important information hidden in their midst. For example, receiving 70+ e-mails a day of which five are actually relevant, three are essential and one is absolutely vital. Unfortunately that single crucial message is overlooked whilst you plough through the other totally unnecessary communications and you therefore get a bollocking for doing 65 unnecessary things and 4 sensible things that could have waited whilst you could have done the one career-saving thing that you didn't become aware of until it was too late.
I'm sorry I didn't attend that vital meeting; your e-mail was lost in my electronic undergrowth.
by robo283 May 18, 2008
A person whose intelligence is impaired either permanently or temporarily. The latter condition is most often associated with unexpectedly encountering other road traffic whilst sitting in the driving seat of a motor vehicle. See also halfwit moron cretin imbecile boy racer idiot muppet teenager
"No of course I'm not upset that you pulled out of a side road right in front of me, thereby endangering myself and my entire family. Think nothing of it, Prune Brain!"
by Robo283 April 26, 2008

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