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WarDwarf - little dark men with bright glowing teeth. Heavy chainsmokers and they love to play FPS games especially Unreal Tournament. They are of a rare kind. So if anybody comes across one, be gentle to the little creature!
Bob: Dude, I came across this little, dark man with extremely white teeth while playing Unreal and I know hes got white teeth cos I could hear the gleem of his teeth over the headphones
Dude: Must be WarDwarf.
by Robiul July 06, 2006
A street located in the East of London England. The street is populated mostly (almost 100%) by people of Asian background. Mostly Bangladeshi's, Pakistani's and Indians. The street is a playground for asian women because of TWO major reasons: Asian Gold shops and Saree Shops. That also attracts many little and old perverts to the street, who simply sit there staring at the women.
Young Perv: I need some eye candy
Old Perv: Go to Green Street, son
by robiul July 06, 2006
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