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Chai is tea. Wallah, or Walla, is a person who performs a specific task. So chaiwalla is a person who serves tea basically. It's regarded as an insult in the movie Slumdog Millionaire because a person who serves tea is considered to be a low class job.
Hey chaiwalla! Bring me some tea!
by Robin105 June 23, 2014
QRPG stands for QuickRpg (rpg stands for Role Playing Game) or QlilpRpg. QRPG is a browser based game making product produced by qlilp.com. Instead of taking hours making a browser based game, you could use the QRPG maker to make games in a couple of days.
Dude stop making sucky games, uses QRPG!
by Robin105 April 29, 2009

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