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A sexual act in which a person gives his or her partner AIDS
She spent the night and i totatly pulled The Magic Johnson on her sorry ass
by Robert Krebs May 23, 2005
An act in which someone either sneaks up on or just spontaniously starts grinding on another person while sustaning a techno beat. This act is similar to the Tat Smack but is less aggressive and tends to be more confusing and less detrimental to the psyche
Damen udderly confused kevin by spontaniously breaking out into a techno party on him.
by Robert Krebs May 26, 2005
An act in which a male, usually one with a higher percentage of body fat and ample sized breasts, sneaks up upon an unsuspecting bystander and juts his Tat's in to the victims face while he growls in a primal manner with arms raised. This is not however exclusive to males. Females with ample breasts can also do it.
Ryan could not stop the relentless tat smacking he suffered on behalf of jimmy
by Robert Krebs May 23, 2005
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