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A formulation of queer theory with attention given to race and class. Most current formulations of queer theory either ignore the categories of race and class altogether or theorize their effects in discursive rather than material terms. To suture that gap, "quare" studies as a vernacular rearticulation and deployment of queer theory accommodates racialized sexual knowledge.
He, a young, African-American, Queer boy from the Harlem ghetto, felt he never was able to relate to the theories and processes discussed in his Queer biographies class, until they discussed Richard Nugent. Studying Richard Nugent --American writer, painter and important figure in the Harlem Renaissance -- offered him more than an exploration of Queer studies, it was a moment of self-realization in his Quare identity; he no longer felt fragmented between his racial, class, and sexuality identities. The class was no longer just about his Queer identity because it had evolved into Quare Studies.
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by Robbie Lebeau May 08, 2010
A Queer person who is also of an ethnic minority; for example, Black and Queer, Latino/Chicano/Hispanic and Queer, etc. The term is generally used by Queer communities of color to celebrate their ethnicity and sexuality without fragmenting the identities into separate categories.
The Quare community in New York has created a culture unique to Queer communities of Color. It is neither exclusively Ethnic nor exclusively Queer in the traditional sense of the terms because it actively incorporate and includes elements of both. Vogueing, a stylistic, club, and urban dance which includes elements of Hip-Hop, Modern dance and runway walking, is one of the many examples of elements specific to Quare culture.
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by Robbie Lebeau May 08, 2010
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