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The combination of the words High and Giggly.
Tom bought some weed and got Higgly with his friends.
by Robb Vance November 10, 2005
The combination of the words Crunk and Higgly (high and Giggly)
hey lets go to a party and get Criggly
by Robb Vance October 15, 2005
A high school in Bradenton Florida known for it's award winning TV and Film Production program. As of the 2005 school year Lakewood Ranch High School has won 2 awards at the Sarasota Film Festival, 1 award at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, and 2 first place finishes in the TSA short film competition.
"Didn't Lakewood Ranch High School produce such great films as Eleven:Eleven, Repentance, and Run Away With Your Shadow?"

"They sure did and they won awards for them too!"
by Robb Vance November 10, 2005
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