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3 definitions by Roba

The classic EVE corp whipping boy. Usually gay and a total asshole. Can sometimes be found smack talking like hellwarrior but lacks the skills to back it up.
Kitty, i'm going to skull fuck you.
by Roba March 22, 2005
28 12
EVE-Online's most raped allaince. Xetic carebears tend to take it up the ass. When not crok-whoaring Xetic can be found reciving mushroom tatoos via a good cock slap from BoB or FoE.

(Xetic is also know fo their obsession with man love)
Xetic: OMG, u've taken our man hood u mean pirate mean peoples!!!
by Roba April 09, 2005
14 18
A midden has nothing to do with sexual proclivity. It is english/scottish -- similar to the American expression "dufuss" (not sure of spelling)
by roba November 01, 2003
9 28