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An internet hero with tourettes syndrome, known for many great quotes. He often makes up his own curse words.
Tourettes Guy: My ass could write better music than you, with one cheek tied behind my balls.

Tourettes Guy: I don't have time for this "chicken shit bullshit"
by RobBob November 14, 2006
A term which describes a female being addicted to their man's gorgeous dick.

Piere, i think i need to check myself into rehab because i am so adickdicted that if I don't get my fix I'll go into withdrawal baby!
by ROBBOB March 18, 2009
Słowo, którego uwielbiają używać wszyscy ci, do których edukacja nie zdążyła dotrzeć.
Znaczenie: Zabawna sytuacja; coś, co wywołuje śmiech
- Patrz, jaki śmiesznie ubrany typ.
- Haha, ale beka!

- Idzie baba do lekarza a lekarz też baba! Beka, co nie?
by Robbob October 21, 2013

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