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5 definitions by Rob gas

free-key - wizz-erd
weird black nail and lip coloured greebo mofo, with long dark drench coat - to smooth the strange effect of garms

any name for a retard person that dresses like a bell end

strange emo reject retard
ex 1
p 1) look at that chap dressed in weird clothing

p 2) what the fuck, - dirty Freaky wizard mother fucker

p 1) what is that person wearing

p 2) that my friend is a Freaky wizard. LOL

aka strangely dressed, weird thoughts, who knows what is passing their freaky mind
by Rob gas June 20, 2009

The sac of skin that encloses the testicles, usually found below the penis, hanging between the legs of male species

Aka ballsackian
1) I have just washed my Ballbagian

2) That bloke is a total Ballbagian

3) It is cold my Ballbagian has shrunk
by Rob gas June 20, 2009
Indigestion specific to eating meat, having a unique feel almost like your heart is struggling and there is severe blockage within your chest. Extreme discomfort feeling.
After eating them 6 sausages, 9 burgers, 11 pieces of chicken, 7 shish kebabs, am suffering proper Meat Chest.
by rob gas June 20, 2009
the thing that lie between the female species upper legs,sometimes swinging, sometimes tight

the reproductive system of most female mammals

aka the muff, the rat, the beaver... come dive on me.com, pussy, apple pie pussy, watch dusk til dawn let the mexican explain!!
1) let's flip over n u lick my moogee chap in the politest of terms

2) people say 'dick head' you are a 'moogee head'

3) cum fuck my moogee.
by Rob gas June 20, 2009
(man - gree)
an angry man (or woman) ie normally Stella artois influenced chap / lass that is angry

aka wife beater

aka stella artois - deadly chemical beer English renound for charging the mind towards fighting
1) that man is mangry (man - gry)

2) chill out geez far too many Stella you're definitely mangry

3) that lad is mangry defo water time for him
by Rob gas June 20, 2009