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one who personifies mooginess, including but not limited to violent emotional moodswings, a manic approach to all extremes of emotion, the belief that one has contracted all manners of disease - common, rare, and not yet classified. The inability to discern levels of attractiveness in the opposite sex as defined by modern society in context of physique, personality, and intelligence - and the further inability not to make all manners of sexual advances towards such prey wihtout regard for situation, appropriateness or negative response. To be bisslfully unaware of being a walking juxtaposition, promoting a set of beliefs while living a lifestyle that is in direct contradiction to said convictions. To have a great big heart and seek someone to share it with.
Howard Hughes was being a moogee when he thought he got the bird flu.
by Webstah January 25, 2008
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the thing that lie between the female species upper legs,sometimes swinging, sometimes tight

the reproductive system of most female mammals

aka the muff, the rat, the beaver... come dive on, pussy, apple pie pussy, watch dusk til dawn let the mexican explain!!
1) let's flip over n u lick my moogee chap in the politest of terms

2) people say 'dick head' you are a 'moogee head'

3) cum fuck my moogee.
by Rob gas June 20, 2009

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