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Extreme red facial colour, caused by excessive excersise, booze or sex, resembilng that of a person who may have dipped his face into boiling oil to steal chips.

The lenghts fat people will go to get food.
Christ, look at his face, looks like he's been Bobbing for chips'

I'm so hungry, I could Bob for chips.
by Rob Hughes August 10, 2006
Rebastardflamingdiculous : When something is just so ridiculous that a person feels if their duty to swear.
AKA Rebastardfuckingdiculous for more sever events.
I can't believe you want to charge £9 for that kit kat, it's just rebastardflamingdiculous !
by Rob Hughes August 11, 2006
Checka : A trump that exits with an uncomfortable sensation of dampness causing the owner to check his arse cleft with a finger.

Conformation of a follow through
'paarp' Ooo lordy, that one was a checka
by Rob Hughes August 11, 2006

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