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a slang term for a black person from the ghetto.
That checka was shooting up on the block.
by checka566787 August 12, 2009
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a ghetto black slut from the hood.
your such a checka.

You fucking checka, go back to africa.
by cheyanne james September 20, 2009
An all purpose word. Used in whatever context you choose. Mad or happy, any expression wanted.
"damn checka, whats up?"

"your being so checka."

by sftghrtjety July 23, 2008
Checka : A trump that exits with an uncomfortable sensation of dampness causing the owner to check his arse cleft with a finger.

Conformation of a follow through
'paarp' Ooo lordy, that one was a checka
by Rob Hughes August 11, 2006

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