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To borrow or use for yourself.
I am going to weeze some money off of clint because he always takes my stuff.
by Rob c October 08, 2003
Another word for a womans period.
I know what a red tsunami is!
Oh do you? What is it?
It's a period, all over your face!
Um,....I think it's just a period.
by Rob c March 23, 2007
When someone is in a chatroom, or a messenger program when they just stop responding. Usually they have an awkward conversation and it's their attempt to avoid it. Other times they went to the restroom or to do something really quick.
Vagiquita: How you doing girl?
Shaniqua: Great, just watching tv.
Vagiguita: I heard about the new guy in your life, how is he? His names Nahoejay right?
5 minutes
Vagiquita: Shanni? You there?
Vagiquita: Bitch you went FAFK I know you're there...
by Rob c January 18, 2011
A girls vagina.
Jess: Look, if you're going to put it in the compartment, then everything stays in the compartment.

JB: Meaning?

Robert: Meaning wherever your dick is when you start the action, thats where you skeet.
by Rob c September 14, 2009
When you get explosive diarrhea from eating at the shacks at Ross Univeristy.
Jess: I can't go out tonight, i'm having a shack attack.

Rob: Happens to everyone, next time just buy a banana haha.
by Rob c January 17, 2009
Floppy Penis
I went to have sex with my girlfriend and got FP. Totally sucked.
by Rob c April 09, 2009
juices from your pepe
dude 1: yo i just drank my wang tang

dude 2: "lrl" that's really "tonky" you tonky truck!
by rob c February 02, 2005

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