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A small suburban American town. Typically 99% of the adolescent population takes drugs or drinks alchohol heavily everyday and graduates to go on to school at UMass Amherst. An alarming number of SUVs, denoting the stupidity of the town's adult population.

The prime location of it being near Route 3, Route 3A, I-495, Route 4, and others mean more people than should live here keep moving in, and jerks keep selling forestland to make new crappy developments for these jerks to live in.

Refered to in slang as the 'Cho', with different prefixes indicating geographical areas; NoCho = North Chelsmford, SoCho = South Chelmsford, and so on. (EaCho, WeCho, CenCho)

Also and firstmost, a town in the UK.
Dood, hanging out in Chelmsford sucks, all they ever do is get high or get trashed.. Or both.
by Roadcone August 02, 2005
A girl who by looks or attitude appears to be a whorenow but is not. Almost all dispositions are shared with the whorenow, except that instead of being uppity and bitchy, the false whorenow is hyperactive and superfriendly.

It is not unusual for false whorenows to be interested in or even obsessed with religion.

May or may not be a slutfor.

-see whorenow
-see slutfor
Susan may be nice, but she's still materialistic and ditzy. What a false whorenow...
by Roadcone January 31, 2006

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