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the best british boy band ever, that some people dont appreciate because their taste in music is lacking so much they only know stupid bands that think they rule the world. Don't listen to the person who said that, how come mcfly filled 20 arenas after only their first single was released? People who like mcfly will go far as they are such a good british boyband
Stupid person: mcfly are so rubbish.
Editor of pop magazine, or a smart person: They're really cool, everyone likes them. You obviously like stupid music, like a stupid person. I for one, love mcfly, as do all of my co-workers.
#a #superior #noun #to #other #nouns #the best thing
by Rkelly February 22, 2006
Pronounced like "synapse." The kind of nap you have after consuming a massive volume of gin.
"I need to go for a gynapse"
#gin #naps #gynapse #alcohol #sleep
by rkelly October 09, 2013
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